Restoration & conservation

One of the most exciting possibilities at Silverstream Forest is the opportunity to enhance the ecological and biodiversity values of the area, by creating an extensive reserve.

the land

Silverstream Forest is an important ecological corridor, connecting natural areas on both sides of the valley.

For many years, we have been restoring the forest by replacing harvested pine trees with natives. We've planted about 30,000 trees since we started restoring the forest.

This year we planted 4,000 trees, including rātā, mānuka, rewarewa, putaputaweta and tawhairaunui. A huge thanks to Trees That Count and their supporters, who gifted us 1,000 trees. And to all the volunteers and Pinehaven School students who helped us plant!

Our vision

To revert as much harvested land as we can back into native forest, to benefit future generations.

Reverting back to native forest

The harvesting of plantation forestry can be ecologically challenging. It is our desire and vision now to revert as much harvested land as we can back into native forest, to benefit future generations.

Environmental management

Our families have always maintained a strong environmental and social ethic in the management of the forest. We’ve protected remnant and regenerating areas of indigenous vegetation, and continue to plant a range of eco-sourced native trees like rātā, beech, rewarewa, kamahi and mānuka to enrich the forest.

We've planted almost

native trees

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What we’ve achieved so far

We've planted about 30,000 native trees since we began our restoration programme. Over the last five years alone, we’ve planted almost 20,000 native trees to restore areas where pine trees have been harvested. In the next few years, harvested blocks will be reverted back into permanent native forest. We also plan to develop a pest control programme to ensure new plantings thrive.

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The development of housing and roads would be done in a way that interweaves with the natural values of the public reserve, while providing opportunities for local residents to enjoy, and get involved with protecting nature.

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