Is the forest currently open to the public?

No, the forest is currently closed to the public while harvesting takes place (there are lots of signs at the entrances to the forest about this, too). This is to ensure the safety of the public and the workers in the forest. We will open the forest for recreation when harvesting is finished.

What kind of native trees do you plant, and when?

We usually plant once a year during winter in June or July. We’d love to get the community involved, so just send us a message if you're keen to be involved and we’ll be in touch. We plant a range of native trees including mānuka, rātā, ferns, kamahi and beech.

What types of housing will be built?

We're embarking on concept design work this year and this will help identify the types of houses best suited to the land. But we envisage a range of types and densities being suitable across the landscape. Higher densities close to public transport and services makes sense, and the topography of the land will also dictate what's possible, where.