Silverstream Forest was first planted in pine trees in the 1920’s by Sir Francis Chichester and Mr Geoffrey Goodwin. They met in 1923 when Francis Chichester emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 18.

The pair went into partnership and built up a successful business in aviation and land development, creating the suburb of Pinehaven into a residential conservation zone in Upper Hutt. The men then moved their attention to the Blue Mountains area of Whitemans Valley, which neighbours what is now the Silverstream Forest.

Silverstream Forest extends from Kiln Street in Silverstream to Avro Road in the Blue Mountains. It includes the rolling ridgeline and the slopes that form the beautiful backdrop to the suburbs of Silverstream and Pinehaven.

A family

The Chichesters and Goodwins jointly cared for the forest for over 90 years. Today, the caretakers of the forest are all descendants of Geoffrey Goodwin and have a strong connection to the area.

Did you know that many of the streets in Pinehaven are named after Geoffrey's family?

Wyndham was Geoffrey’s son, Jocelyn his daughter and Elmslie his grandfather. Winchester is a combination of Francis’ and Geoffrey’s surnames.

Street names

Avro Road and Avian Road were named after Geoffrey’s and Francis’ passion and involvement in aviation, having established The Goodwin-Chichester Aviation Company which imported Avro and Avian aircraft from the UK. They were the first to land at Rongotai (now Wellington International Airport), first to fly from Wellington to Auckland, and carried over 9000 passengers in two seater Avro Avian planes before there were scheduled air services in NZ.


Commercial harvesting of the forest began in the 1950’s and Geoffrey’s son Wyndham established Mallaby Mills in Silverstream. Timber was processed to supply the requirements of housing demand in the Hutt Valley, and the construction of the Wellington urban motorway.

a legacy

The families feel strongly about continuing on the legacy that Francis and Geoffrey left them, by continuing to support the development of the beautiful suburbs and communities of Silverstream and Pinehaven, which they’ve called home for almost 100 years.

Geoffrey gifted land to both the Pinehaven and Blue Mountains Progressive Associations to seed these community organisations.

One of Geoffrey’s grandsons Ralph still lives in Heretaunga and remains heavily involved with the running of Silverstream Forest.

What we believe in

We need to think differently and be future-focused
We’re committed to caring for the land that’s been entrusted to us
We conserve and respect the natural environment
We feel a strong sense of place within the community