Planting and local history with Pinehaven School

In July 2020, Pinehaven School students visited Silverstream Forest.

In July 2020, we invited students from Pinehaven School to visit Silverstream Forest. The visit included a nature walk, through areas of pine and native forest. The students learnt about plantation forestry and native forest regeneration, and we were thankful for their help planting rātā, too.

The students were learning about local Pinehaven history, including about early settlers and the changing suburban landscape in Upper Hutt. Ralph Goodwin, one of our directors, spoke to the students about his family’s history and the contribution they made to Pinehaven and Silverstream, and to the aviation industry as pioneers in NZ.

The students have since been working on a mural that artistically displays what they’ve learnt about the human and natural history of Pinehaven and Silverstream. We’re excited to see the finished product!

A huge thanks to the students, teachers and parents who came along on the day. We're looking forward to another trip with the school this year.

Sally, a student at Pinehaven School wrote about her experience:

"In July 2020, mid winter, Ralph came to our school and told us about the history of the Guildford Timber Company. He showed us an old map of his grandfather’s. It was really old and wrinkly. He told us about how his grandfather, Geoffrey Goodwin, started off planting pine trees with his good friend and work partner, Francis Chichester.

30 Pinehaven school kids and some parents were invited by Ralph Goodwin to go up on to his hills and plant native trees. We were met by Ralph, James (Ralph's trusty assistant), and their dogs, Gracie and Boo! We got to look down on the whole of Pinehaven.

We set off on our forest walk going past all the ancient trees and wildlife. We all enjoyed ourselves!

It turned out that Francis was a Sir, because he was the first man to sail single handed around the world starting, and finishing in England and stopping only once in Sydney".

Sally - Pinehaven School